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Monday, June 14, 2021

As the Crow Flies....


I was trying to remember this morning when I became so enamored with directional roadside signage.  I think it must have been around the time I started my big west coast bike trip back in 1989. Somewhere is a picture of me standing near an American Youth Hostels sign near San Pedro, California, where I had purchased my first ayh membership and was about to embark on a solo mountain bike trip from Seattle to the Redwoods of Santa Cruz.

I just love these signs and it seems now they are everywhere, even prevalent in the business world.  Several years ago when I was about to start a new job in Oregon, I made one on our backyard here in Florida and another when I came back here to care for my Dad back in 2012.

Some of the signs point to places I have lived and another has places that are pretty much ghost towns now. I will probably always have wanderlust to some degree, but for now I am a bonafide homebody..pointing the way for others.  I love the whole "as the crow flies " mileage idea...oh if I could only fly...