Saturday, September 13, 2014

Annie B. Circa 1991
 or in my prime while living
 in the
La Honda, California Redwoods
Most of these were done during this period:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Blooming this week

Angie B.'s SOUL FOOD in Dunnellon on the South side of the Withlacoochee.....

Meet Angie B. and her oh soooo good, downhome southern SOUL food. 
Angie is actually the oldest food truck in Dunnellon at the moment.  I had been there at her cute little stand near the south side of the river thrift store to have amazing  bbq chicken a few months ago,  and had met Angie's other half, Victor and his Daddy's Girl clone, Victoria.  These folks really do know how to make real, I mean REAL pulled pork sandwiches.  I am no food critic, but my thinking is if I encourage the 3 food trucks that we DO have here in Dunnellon, perhaps MORE will spring up...say a Thai noodle stand and some really good Greek food as can only dream.

Go there. Ribs, Chicken, Collard Greens, sweet potato pie.....mmmmmm


And get this small world event: The guy standing in the top photo on the left went to Morehead State in Kentucky, where I went to college.   He's a regular customer when in town.  He hauls hay down here from Lexington and it's his plate in the plate photo.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back at Ely's for Thursday's Spanish Meatballs and Rice.
is all I can say.....

DINKIN"S STORE : if I won the lottery....


I would try to  buy Dinkin's Store. I would keep the essence of Dinkin's as the best little general store/feed store around and add a few touches of my own.  It would have some Natural and Organic Food items, the same little metaphysical quirkiness in the left front corner, complete with "Co-Exist" bumperstickers, weMoon Calenders, Nag Champa and Lavender essential oil .

 It would also be an artist's coop. And that little shotgun building in front with  the massive truck would be Annie B.s Herbal Remedies, or an apothecary.  I have told so many local folks this idear, that if it does come to fruition, I want you to know my thinking. 
This old gal is a gem.  A guy (Mike) that I met on the Blue Run trail a few weeks ago told me he thought it was going for 1.5 mil. Hmm.
Dreaming on, it would have live music on weekends with local food trucks...3 count 'em, 3 that we have here in Dunnellon. All good, all local.

It would have organically grown food and medicine plants outside.  The small structures would be rent -by the -month artists studios.  You would pretty much get the "wow , how very cool" look on yer face that you did when you walked into Dinkin's when it was still open, but now your face would say. ( if yer face could talk like mine does)..looking into the back
right corner..".oh THAT"S where Rainbow Outfitters is.!!!!"..looking further to find a new paddle or led solar powered troller motor for your paddleboard. 
Well  I love this old store and was very sad to see it closed up when I arrived back here in November of 2012.
Yesterday I went by there and decided, whatever did end up happening to Dinkins, I needed to take some pictures and window reflections to show y'all....