Thursday, September 26, 2013

Standing Like A Tree and two other songs that are on my mind today...

the only version I could find on You tube of my favorite Betsy Rose song but its cool...

Iris Dement - Let the Mystery Be ... Live

Testimony (Final Cut)

"By my life be I spirit,
By my heart be I woman,
By my eyes be I open,
By my Hands be I whole". Ferron

My Favorite Ferron song never gets old...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Home-made Taos Drum Bag Phase 2 Work in Progress

I have never been a "sew-er" though my Great Grandpa Joe Siemer was a tailor, so I think it might be in my blood. And though he might be  a little embarrassed seeing my stitching ( my Mom taught me as a little girl but I haven't done it since) I am really enjoying this kind of focused art- doing.  I have also never painted on fabric but after this project, I just might have to recycle more of my little Brothers Patrick's  jeans.  Pat too was proud of our Cherokee dna and I think he would approve of this use of his old jeans. 
 Finally taking time to read All of Michael Drake's  book "Shamanic Drumming: Calling of the Spirits" (as opposed to skipping around as I tend to do, though I am only on page 35) tells me that I am absolutely on my right path. 
Thank You Great Everything !!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mollie and Gizmo

Mollie has a  one way love affair  with a neighborhood  boy-dog named Gizmo. She will see Gizmo a few hundred yards off and then bow down and wait for him to arrive.  Being a little dog, he doesn't tolerate her  true wild Labrador nature very long.  I get a kick out of watching it every time.

More Fun with Shadows


Around here...around Equinox

Turks' Cap Hibiscus down the road

Beauty Bush is all around us

 Mom's Rose

Mollie and an Old local Cedar
Mollie and her Boyfriend, Gizmo

 Big Ass Spider

Fun with Shadows
 more Cypress Vine

Friday, September 20, 2013


This is the Rose that I planted down here for my Mom , who was a fabulous Rose Gardener.  It is in bloom again.  It is one of the most beautiful Roses that I have ever seen and I love that it always faces North towards Ohio.

Last night I decided to make a bag for my Taos Drum that I have had for over 20 years now. I found some old jeans that belonged to my little Brother Patrick and started by painting myself my own medicine shield. It's a work in progress.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dad, Mollie and I take a ride out to Yankeetown...

About once a month or so I like to take Dad and Mollie for a ride out to Yankeetown.  For many years this is where my Dad went to take his boat out, before his days of disability. 
What a glorious Friday the 13th it was. Perfect weather and  only a few other souls in kayaks and boats out there.  We stopped for fish and chips "to go" at Dad's favorite restaurant, Mama Sally's in Inglis and then drove out to the point.  We (all three) seem to get rejuvenated by going to the ocean (gulf) and this one yesterday was much needed by all of us.
Dad and I both get a kick out of watching Ms. Mollie swim,whether it be on the Withlacoochoee or  Rainbow  Rivers or here at the gulf. It seems to be just pure joy and glee for her, our darling doggie.  Boy do I miss the ocean.

Friday, September 13, 2013

still my girl

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"Twin Knobs and The Summer of Rain"
Acrylic on black poster board
September 2013
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