Friday, July 26, 2013

Bone, Wind, Fire

Bone, Wind, Fire
    Yesterday I was supposed to take my Dad to the V. A. but we had some minor car trouble on the way up,  so we turned back.  We went back home and it was raining so I turned on one of my favorite channels on Dish Network, Free Speech TV. 
      It was very serendipitous for me to have seen this film,  as Frida and Georgia are my all time favorite Artists.  I have always found complete understanding (for my own art) in reading their words and seeing their process.  Thanks to this brilliant film, I now have a third favorite artist, who is Emily Carr. I had never heard of her before seeing this (too short) film.  We have very similiar painting styles.  There are no coincedences.  I have not painted in a while, so this will hopefully be a catalyst for me to try and create some new work.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Two Ohio Treasures...

Sandstone Adena-Hopewell Pipe found in Ohio that has
 become the Official Ohio Artifact!

Although they are now demolished, my Dad, Ray Siemer
built these Ohio Letters as a gateway to the Ohio State Fair back in around 1962

Monday, July 22, 2013

Morehead State University
Women's Soccer Team
Circa 1981

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chicklandia Pop. 0

Well, LeRoy and Louise and their unnamed offspring joined Chloe and Hildegarde in Chicken heaven this week.  I still have not figured out what predator ( fox, snake, raccoon, rat etc.) is taking them all but Leroy was the last to disappear last night and I can't find any evidence of a skuffle. No chicken wire holes, no holes in the ground.  So I will allow myself to think that LeRoy slipped out in the middle of the night and is travelling far and wide, strutting his colorful feathers in search of a female banty.
  Meanwhile,  Isabelle Hen-Again refuses to come back into our yard from the (relative) safety of the next-door neighbors.  She will remain a free chicken.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cave Run Lake

Cave Run Lake
Morehead, Kentucky
June 2013

Sandhill Cranes stick around for the summer....

Happy Independence Day Mom

This is a collage that I made for my Mom shortly after she passed onto to the Great Beyond nearly one year ago (July 6th).
So Independence Day will always symbolize for me the time  that my Mom became free.  In this picture as a child she is standing in front of the Leveque Tower, the background for Red White and Boom the 4th of July celebration in  Columbus every year.

Fort Mountain, Georgia

Fort Mountain, Georgia

Morehead Reunion

Last week I needed to get away by myself for the first time in a few years.  I put Mollie in the car and drove up to Cave Run Lake in Kentucky to go camping with my best friend in college, Donna Lee. 
Mollie was an awesome camping companion and slept right outside my tent all 6 nights.  We both got to swim and relax and go for long walks in the woods, all things I love to do.  It was so good to spend time with my old friend.  We are connected for life.

Predation in Chicklandia

 R.I.P. Chloe, Louise and Louise and LeRoy's only surviving 1 (of 3) chicks.  It's been a hard week for the Chicklandia Girls this week.  LeRoy is the only survivor of the Chicken Coop.  Something tried to get ahold of Isabelle Hen-Again's tail a few nights ago and then she refused to return to the coop.  The following night a fox got into the top condo and killed my favorite, the Red chicken , Chloe.  She had been faithfully sitting atop about a dozen (unfertilized) eggs for the whole week that I was up in Ky (sez Grandpa Ray).  Then two nights ago, as if I hadn't had my share of chicken trauma, something got ahold of Louise and her chick.  Such is the risk you take being a keeper of chickens but I miss each and every one of those Chicklandia girls.  They gave us many eggs.
Now Isabelle Hen-Again refuses to come back from visiting the captive girls next door.