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Sunset Lake Rousseau last night....


Healing Myself

Una de Gato
Cat's Claw

Uno de Gato, or Cat's Claw is one of the medicine plants that I chose intuitively to try to reverse the symptoms of Lyme's Disease and /or total body acidity .  It is from the Rainforest of Peru. I have always been guided by intuition and this was one of the 2 main  herbs that I chose to use after doing quite a bit of research about the symptoms that I am having.  After just 3 weeks of using this along with a plant I was introduced to while living/working as a Naturalist in Oregon's temperate rainforest 3 summers ago, along with
 Devil's Club /Oplopanax horridus (so named for the nasty thorns on all of its stems and undersides) and drinking green shakes ( base of fresh kale, celery, organic carrots, frozen blueberries or strawberries ,cayenne pepper, water or rice milk, turmeric, cinnamon) every morning, most of my body pain has disappeared and I am feeling on the up and up. 
The symptom's had gotten so bad that I could hardly walk.  Using tumeric also came to me intuitively.  And I would rather be considered crazy any day ( for healing myself in this way) than be any one of the robots/sheep I see everyday on the streets.  And, drumroll, I finally quit coffee!!!! That in itself has been a landslide. Yes, I ignored advice for many years...I still love coffee...but have switched to a yogi tea with a lot of good shtuff in it as well.  Thank You to all of my spirit guides,  God/ The Great Everything and Donna Lee and Katie B. for all of your support. 
 Here is a link to an article about Cats Claw that I found by medicine hunter Chris Kilham. http://www.foxnews.com/health/2009/10/28/healing-cats-claw/ So some good does come out of Fox News afterall:)
and here is what Wikipedia sez about Devil's Club: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devil's_Club

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Stage One of my Backyard Sanctuary /Fort

Palette Furniture and Mosaic paver explosion

I am in the middle of yet another creative explosion.  I have been wanting  do more mosaic work and make a few things out of palettes for awhile, so now I am on a roll.  The one on the bottom is an experiment.  I had a lot of fun with both but am now very "hooked" on making simple furniture and even a small shelter in my back yard, out of palettes.  Thanks to nearby lumber store , I now have access to a lot of really nice palettes.  I covet  my palette supplier:)  I made all of these in the past 2 days.:) Hallelujah! Creativity is 'aflowin strong.

Rainbow Springs Drum Circle

I took part in yet another amazing Drum Circle last Saturday that was mostly made of up the same drummers and fabulous dancers that meet at the beach in Crystal River once a month (Second Sundays at Sunset).  This one was held at Rainbow Springs S.P. and was organized by an amazing drummer and healer, Seth (Thanks again). 
 Above is a picture of the instruments brought to share by another amazing person, Charlotte who is one of the organizers of the beach drum circle.    Charlotte always makes everyone feel very welcome, and I feel fortunate to have read that ad in Dad's Citrus Co. paper so many weeks ago.
It took awhile, but I am fairly certain that I have "found my people" here in this part of Florida and it feels so very wonderful to be finally understood. I am still reeling with good vibes this many days later it was so amazing. Just watching the folks from the general public come by the pavilion to check it all out, was a gift in itself. Thanks again Y'all.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Standing Like A Tree and two other songs that are on my mind today...

the only version I could find on You tube of my favorite Betsy Rose song but its cool...

Iris Dement - Let the Mystery Be ... Live

Testimony (Final Cut)

"By my life be I spirit,
By my heart be I woman,
By my eyes be I open,
By my Hands be I whole". Ferron

My Favorite Ferron song never gets old...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Home-made Taos Drum Bag Phase 2 Work in Progress

I have never been a "sew-er" though my Great Grandpa Joe Siemer was a tailor, so I think it might be in my blood. And though he might be  a little embarrassed seeing my stitching ( my Mom taught me as a little girl but I haven't done it since) I am really enjoying this kind of focused art- doing.  I have also never painted on fabric but after this project, I just might have to recycle more of my little Brothers Patrick's  jeans.  Pat too was proud of our Cherokee dna and I think he would approve of this use of his old jeans. 
 Finally taking time to read All of Michael Drake's  book "Shamanic Drumming: Calling of the Spirits" (as opposed to skipping around as I tend to do, though I am only on page 35) tells me that I am absolutely on my right path. 
Thank You Great Everything !!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mollie and Gizmo

Mollie has a  one way love affair  with a neighborhood  boy-dog named Gizmo. She will see Gizmo a few hundred yards off and then bow down and wait for him to arrive.  Being a little dog, he doesn't tolerate her  true wild Labrador nature very long.  I get a kick out of watching it every time.

More Fun with Shadows


Around here...around Equinox

Turks' Cap Hibiscus down the road

Beauty Bush is all around us

 Mom's Rose

Mollie and an Old local Cedar
Mollie and her Boyfriend, Gizmo

 Big Ass Spider

Fun with Shadows
 more Cypress Vine