Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

Water Dragon

I bought a rather large piece of foam board a few weeks back to begin my seemingly recently annual rite of passage of creating a collage to correspond with each Chinese New Year. On this blog you can go back and see artwork focused on the Rabbit, Tiger, Ox (myself) yada, yada. This year I got a little of a late start in the endeavor.

I knew I wanted to use the altar base which coincidently or not (I realized this morning) I had tacked up in my section of the room I lived in at The Great Smoky Mountains Institute working as a Naturalist back in 2000, the last Year of The Dragon. The rose came from a recent catalogue and is identical to the one I planted and left growing amongst a fenceline of nasturtuims near a beautiful Lighthouse on the Pacific ocean .

So this morning I opened up the Deep turquoise acrylic paint, put a glob on the foam baord and went to town with a few strokes with the foam brush. Up came this water dragon from the deep, deep foam of the turquoise ocean. I LOVE that the paint blob resembles a tadpole. A giant water dragon polywog. This is a work in progress.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas ornaments on The Scioto Mile, Columbus.

I never tire of seeing our beautiful skyline from this bridge in Downtown Columbus

Bare Wintery Trees south of Columbus on Route 23

Quarry adjacent to St. Joseph's Cemetery south of Columbus

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Years ago when I was working with kids on out west in Outdoor Ed programs, one of the kids experimented with putting the camera up to a spotting scope and got this cool round picture effect. 2 spotting scopes were installed as part of the new Rich /Main Street bridge here in Columbus and last week I finally tried that old experiment myself. What I got is these glimpses into the top of my favorite downtown building, the Leveque Tower.

I love this picture I took of the pedestrian side of our new beautiful bridge, which claims to be the only of it's kind in the country.

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