Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More flowers, a new Cup O' Joe and great food from South America via Pearl Alley

This is the very first Rose that I can call "my Rose". It is a David Austin Rose called "Heritage". I planted it in a former garden here in Columbus and moved it to my Mom's Yard when I left to return to the Left Coast back in 2005. For a few years after that we thought it had died. Then one day, Mom told me on the phone that it had come back and I nearly cried . My second rose is planted at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse in Pescadero, California. Hopefully it still grows there amongst the nasturtiums.

Because Downtown Columbus is a coffee desert on the weekends, I got really excited watching this new Cup O' Joe blossom on the former Lazarus' first floor. It is across from Columbus Commons, so may end up being a cafe that actually survives and thrives on weekends down there. A short walk down the hill is the aforementioned "Scioto Mile". There's free wireless, though no plugs , so time there surfing the net will be kept to a minimum with me and my beater laptop.

This is a new place (to me) that serves amazing (on- the -run as it is popular with dt-office lunch types) Venezuelan food. I tried a chicken empanada on my first visit that was to die for. I tried to go back yesterday but sadly it closes at 4:00 pm.

Hopefully enough folks will discover this gem and coax the owners into making it a dinner destination as well. It's in Pearl Alley in the heart of downtown a few steps north of "the Old 40" Broad Steet.

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Scioto Mile

For the past several years our Scioto River waterfront has been behind the fences of a construction contractor. This is the traditional location of the Columbus Arts Festival in early summer . It has also grown to be a central place for many other festivals, water fire events, concerts and such. I am so happy that it has finally re-opened and that we have our riverfront back.

Yesterday I jumped on the bus with my bike to check out what was happening down there. They did a really nice job with water features, places to congregate and relax, play chess or checkers, ride bikes, take a walk , listen to live music and arts , swing and play in water!!!

The only downside that I could see ( er uh hear for that matter) was the piped in pop music under some of the shade/table spaces. The peace of the river speaks for itself. Now I wish I just had a gondola!

I Love, love , love these fish sculpture fountains.

No mention of lying flat or dancing....

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