Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yes it's Raining!

As we do need it, it's hard to complain, but it's raining again. We have had the mighty Pacific storms that I remember lately and hopefully this will end up being a non-drought year. Some of the wildflowers are starting to peek out , like wild radish and I will go to the Redwoods this weekend to find more. I need to harvest Nettles. I am on a kick to boost my immune system and dodge the ever-present cold cycle. I bought some seeds ( Seeds of Change) from Lumberman's? the store on River street in Santa Cruz. They have practically the whole catalogue right on the wall there and seemingly less expensive. I bought carrots and beets and arugula and red cabbage ( purple really), peas and nigella aka love-in-the mist, one of my favorite flowers ever. I will try to grow some stuff on Orlando's plot in Pescadero.

I need to grow out all of the seeds that I have been carrying around for years, so I hope he'll let me use a few rows.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Belated Goodbye to 2007

I kinda like the way these pictures look in a pile. Picasa does that and this one is quite by mistake, but appropriate to put last year into a pile and begin anew. I have my laptop back in the land of free wireless. It had crashed and I am determined more than ever to keep the eddy going. I will try to post some pictures from Joshua Tree. I camped in Indian Cove for my 46th birhtday back in October and got to see Bill and Betsy and the B dawgs in Desert Hot Springs and met a cousin of my Dad's. I just got back from a stay in Room 99 at the Fort Mason Hostel in San Francisco. Spent some time in the beeautiful community garden on the grounds there. Saw the "Parrots of Telegraph Hill" right outside of my rooftop window...though they weren't red it seemed, but more a flock of yellow. I had wanted to see them after seeing the documentary, and there they were greeting both of my mornings with their squawking party in the eucalyptus grove. It's funny to be living remote and escaping to "The City" and San Francisco is such a wonderful city to escape to. Such an amazing view of the diversity of our planet at this time. Okay, this part is belated too: I resolve to learn to surf this year. I resolve to take care of my body, continuing acupuncture and ocean air breathing (as much as possible), I resolve to meditate everyday on the possibility of the whole world breaking down into un-controllable laughter.