Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

art and reflections around

Graffiti art such as this has been popping up all over the westside lately

These are collages and reflections in my neighborhood Starbucks. Yea, Starbucks. Turns out it's a cool little peaceful hangout in a sea of chaos on the outer edges of the westside. No artists name given and the employees said they were sold as deco for sbucks stores. I do love collages such as these.

These paintings may be beheld if you go visit the riffe gallery, Downstairs of the Riffe Building in Downtown Columbus, Ohio. Yet another peaceful oasis in a sea of downtown banking and government business. I always seem to visit this gallery on the fly while waiting for a bus home, but I do love it still.

A Sensible Midwestern Occupation with recycling area:)

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Short North Train Mural

My Paternal Grandfather, Frank "Pee Wee" Siemer was a brakeman/conductor on the New York Central Railroad and was based here in Columbus. This mural, located in one of the artsy districts in town (Short North) never fails to remind me of him and my Grandmother Naomi Blower Siemer.

When my Dad was a teenager, they hauled 8 kids around the country on my Grandpa's railroad pass. I still think the biggest mistake this country ever made was to eliminate the passenger rail system. I would love to be able to flash back and see the 10 of them traveling around on the train and the scenery they saw along the way.

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